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We've got lots of handy hints and tips about taking care of your lawn, garden, and SOLO equipment. Be sure to check back often, as we will regularly update this area with new information.

Brief Chainsaw Tutorial

Chainsaws maintenance and tips
Learn more about your SOLO chainsaw and the importance of maintenance. 

Practical Hints for Sprayers

Sprayer maintenance and tips
Get the most from your SOLO Sprayer with these handy hints and tips. 

Complete lawn renewal and rejuvenation

Rejuvinate your lawn with these great tips
Lawns can change over years into an unappealing, brown area. Spring is the right time to start providing the conditions for new, healthy, green growth 

Spraying fruit trees and berry shrubs

Early spring is the time to spray fruit trees and berry shrubs
In early spring you should protect the new growth of your fruit trees and berry shrubs against damaging mites, aphids and caterpillars...