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Worldclass, High Performance Portable Misters & Pressure Sprayers

SOLO, the pioneer of mobile plant protection, commenced its worldwide success as far back as 1948. The world’s first powered backpack mistblower originates from SOLO, as does the first pressure sprayer made from UV resistant poly material.

Solo is the world leader for pressure sprayers and portable misters. Excellent high-performance spray techology, German engineering and robust build quality. From the early days, up to the present day, quality features and durability are incorporated into the production of millions of Solo sprayers worldwide. 

All our spares & accessories are available direct from Solo NZ - please call our helpdesk on 07-8473562 for prompt and friendly service

Manual Sprayers

Professional mini pressure sprayers
Each of these sprayers features a robust pump and a high-quality, fully adjustable nozzle. 

Universal Sprayers

Full featured professional and commercial sprayers
Contains a 2 spray nozzles, a large pump, wide filling funnel, durable spray tubes & a large cleaning aperture. 

Backpack Sprayers

Profession backpack sprayers for manual operation
Feature large spraying capacity, pressure control, a durable wand and a robust valve handle. 

Powered Sprayers

High-pressure sprayer
Achieve spray & mist applications at extreme heights with controlled operating pressure. 

Portable Misters

World Leading Range of Portable Power Misters
Although these portable misters are light, they also offer impressive spraying capacity.