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Solo's universal sprayer range with 5, 7.5 and 10 litre sprayers. Each sprayer has:

All spares & accessories are available direct from Solo NZ - please call our helpdesk on 07-8473562 for fast, friendly service

Solo 456

5L sprayer with a 480cc pump. Ideal for horticulture, concrete shuttering release agents, automotive cleaning and more!

Solo 457

Robust, professional 7lt sprayer. Ideal for horticulture, pest control, janitorial and sanitation duties and more!

Solo 461

With 5L capacity, this sprayer is ideal for home garden, horticulture and lifestyle use.

Solo 462

The optimum commercial choice with 7L capacity. Ideal for home garden, commercial and automotive uses.

Solo 463

With 10lt capacity, this sprayer is ideal for larger areas and lends itself to those with larger sections or lifestyle blocks.