AL-KO scarifier / aerator 38P

AL-KO scarifier / aerator 38P

Code: ALKO 38P

$499.00 Incl. GST
AL-KO scarifier / aerator 38P - $499.00

Featuring AL-KO's 3-in-one function for scarifying, lawn raking and collecting, the AL-KO scarifier is easy to use. Changing the scarifying and lawn-raking cassettes is a simple process and does not require any tools.
The working height adjustment dial on the body of the machine enables the scarifier cassette to be set at 5 different operating heights to ensure the blades are just touching the ground to avoid damage to the grass roots and the blades becoming worn too quickly.
The lawn-raking cassette features 24 spring tines which effectively remove moss and thatch from the lawn which can prevent the growth of new grass.
The large 55 litre collector ensures there is no debris left on your lawn once you have finished.
The height adjustable handle bar ensures user comfort and also allows the machine to be compact during storage whilst the underside of the body is smooth for easy cleaning.

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Engine4-strokeHonda 4-stroke
Displacement cm³53160
Power kW/ HP1.5 / 23.7 / 5
Working width cm3840
Number of blades1415
Deck plastic/steel♦/--/♦
Folding handle-
Weight kg2030

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