C4 Rainwater pump 600W

C4 Rainwater pump 600W

Code: CL-C4

$585.01 Incl. GST
C4 Rainwater pump 600W - $585.01

The pump is powered by a revolutionary water cooled motor. This means quieter operation. Also, no air movement is required across the motor for cooling purposes meaning the pump can be located in confined spaces or completely covered, protecting it from the weather. The C Series also has a friendly LED display to view the pressure and operation mode of the pump.

The pre-filter is integrated into the pump making it easy to clean without the use of a spanner. The non-return valve is also built into the pump body allowing for easy service without removing any pipework. The auto on/off controller is easily attached to the top of the pump using a unique connector system requiring no threading. The controller electrical cable is cleverly hidden from sight so there are no dangerous cables hanging on the ground.

We offer a three-year warranty (excludes misuse and/or fair wear and tear).